106 Massage Therapy - On Site Treatments - Newport News, VA
106 Massage Therapy - To Your Health
1 hr
Price: $45.00
90 min
Price: $65.00
On Site Treatments
We are here to help enhance, enrich, and   enlighten your well being!
 1 hour Therapeutic Massage
*May include:  
Hot Stones, Cold Stones, Reflexology, Prenatal and/or Aromatherapy
90 minute Therapeutic Treatment
*May include:
Hot Stones,Cold Stones, Reflexology, Prenatal and/or Aromatherapy
106 TO YOUR HEALTH Treatment
This Wellness treatment includes an herbal mud wrap followed by a one-hour therapeutic massage. Please allow approximately two hours for this treatment.
 106 Foot First Treatment
*60 minutes of Reflexology and Foot Washing
1 Hour Manual Lymph Drainage   
Ask about our specials for Students, Teachers and Seniors!!
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